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As the Principal of Katoomba High School I welcome you to our website and hope that you will enjoy the information offered. As you browse I am confident that you will see that Katoomba High School is a comprehensive secondary school that passionately serves the diverse community of the Upper Blue Mountains. We exist to inspire students to reach their full potential and are committed to developing a culture of high expectations and strong values that nourish the development of creative, confident, accomplished young men and women.

Our school motto, Quality and Creativity, highlights the holistic emphasis of the school and the breadth of our curriculum, leadership and welfare programs prepare students for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

The school is committed to enhancing outcomes for all students through a relentless focus on quality teaching and learning practices that increase student engagement, personalise learning experiences and encourage the pursuit of personal and academic excellence. Students achieve strong academic results as evidenced by our HSC results. Students also achieved outstanding performances in the creative arts and on the sporting field.

The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) are an important part of the Katoomba High School community. This dedicated group of people continue to work tirelessly to support teachers in delivering quality learning experiences in the classroom. Their outstanding loyalty and advocacy of public education has contributed to the confidence of the local community in the school.

If after exploring this website you would like more information about our programs and our philosophy I invite you to contact the school and make an appointment. You would be most welcome as I appreciate that choosing the right school for your child is an important decision.

 Principal - Jennifer Boyall


Mrs Jennifer Boyall





Katoomba High School is a comprehensive secondary school that serves the community of the upper Blue Mountains. The school aims to ensure that all students will achieve the following outcomes. They will be: Participating community members; self-assured, autonomous individuals; ready for life and work in a democratic society; effective communicators; life long learners; and aware of critical issues for the maintenance of their environment. The school has explicit expectations for quality learning and behaviour and bases its welfare strategies on the needs of children in order to achieve these. We provide a wide range of learning opportunities at the school to cater for diverse talents and interests. Our Support Unit for students with disabilities is an integral and valued part of the school.

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